LASENCE is a high technology enterprise specializing in DPSS Laser Modules, DPSS Lasers ranging from 500 to 600nm & some UV-IR Lasers since 2009. Laser Modules: Wide Temperature Range Green Laser Modules, CW & TTL/Analogue Modulation, Micro Dia3.7mm Green Laser Modules, Fiber-coupled Laser Modules, Ring Laser Modules, Line Lasers, Green Laser Modules and Yellow Laser Modules. Lasers: Single Frequency Lasers, Low Noise Lasers, High Power Lasers, Compact Size Lasers, Q-switched/Pulsed Lasers, Fiber-coupled Lasers. There are nearly 50 engineers in R&D Department with rich experience in laser and optical industry, who can provide you not only the customized products but also the best laser optical solutions.
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