G520D-YF033 Green Laser Torch


G520D-YF033 Green Laser Torch

Product Details:

Dimensions (Unit: mm):

Product Specifications:

Wavelength520 -15 /+12 nm
Output Power850 mW
Laser Power Density (mW/cm2)0.1 - 2.6
Blasting Flash Frequency (Hz)7.5 - 8.5
LED Irradiance(Lux) @10m100 - 150
Beam Diameter (cm)30
Working Distance (m)3 - 30
Operating Temperature Range (°C)-20 to 50
Weight (g)≤ 800

(1)The focusing mechanism is marked at the front end of the laser torch marked the distance 3m to

30m as the photo showed in next page.The focusing mechanism can be rotated according to those

marked distances, then you can find the beam size has been adjusted to the best around 30cm at

these distances.

(2) Batter is not included when delivery.

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