Qingdao Lasence Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Lasence Co., Ltd. based on laser materials, develop laser technology, promote laser applications

Covering an area of over 18,000 square meters, with 200+ stuff, including 40+ professional engineers, Qingdao Lasence Co., Ltd is a world leading manufacturer, supplier, and solution provider of the laser module, lasers and other laser products. Established in 2009, Lasence is committed to producing advanced lasers used in applications of but not limited to life science, medical, machine vision, 3D scanning, material processing and industrial equipment as well as OEM&ODM products.

Our products cover 400nm to 700nm wavelength with output power less than 1 mW to 10 W, including DPSS laser modules, DPSS lasers, laser diode modules, diode lasers, free space and fiber-coupled lasers, dot lasers, line lasers, green lasers, yellow Lasers, blue lasers, red lasers and OEM laser modules etc.

We design and build lasers and provide solutions for our customers. Many of our lasers are based on our patented self-frequency doubling laser crystal. This crystal combines an active laser medium and a non-linear frequency conversion medium into a single crystal. This crystal technology can achieve a wide range of wavelengths and a wide temperature range

We have exported for 15 years to all over the world. Just tell us what you want to achieve, and Lasence will help you to get there. 

Factory & Equipment

There are 40+ engineers in R&D Department with rich experience in laser and optical industry, who can provide you not only the customized products but also the best laser optical solutions.


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